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Introducing the Golden Retriever Bandana, a stylish and practical accessory for your beloved pet. This adorable triangular scarf features a unique golden retriever pattern in a charming patchwork design, making it perfect for adding a touch of cuteness and personality to your furry friend’s appearance.

Crafted from high-quality materials, this bandana is not only fashionable but also functional. It serves as an excellent dog drooling bib, keeping your pet’s fur clean and dry while they play or eat. The absorbent fabric effectively soaks up drool and moisture, preventing any unwanted messes around your home.

The Golden Retriever Bandana is designed to be versatile and reversible, allowing you to switch between two different sides depending on your mood or occasion. Whether you’re taking photos of your cute pup or simply want to add some fun to their daily routine, this bandana will surely make them stand out.

Suitable for medium to large-sized dogs, the Golden Retriever Bandana comes in various sizes to ensure a comfortable fit for your pet. With its adjustable strap, you can easily secure it around your dog’s neck without causing any discomfort or restriction.

Not only does the Golden Retriever Bandana enhance your pet’s appearance, but it also promotes their well-being by providing comfort and convenience during activities such as eating, drinking, and playing. It’s a must-have accessory for any golden retriever owner who wants to keep their pet looking and feeling their best.

So why wait? Give your beloved Golden Retriever the gift of style and comfort with the Golden Retriever Bandana today!

For neck 55-65cm/21.6-25.6 inches

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