Dog Bandanas For Large Dogs


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Our pet drool bibs, available in triangle and scarf styles, are perfect for dogs of all sizes, including large breeds like Golden Retrievers, Samoyeds, and Shiba Inus. Made from high-quality materials, these dog bandanas for large dogs provide both comfort and style. Whether you’re looking for a practical solution to manage excessive drooling or simply want to add a touch of fashion to your furry friend’s wardrobe, our dog bandanas for large dogs are an excellent choice. With their versatile design, they can be used as neckwear or even as a stylish accessory for special occasions. Invest in our durable and fashionable dog bandanas for large dogs and keep your pet looking their best while staying clean and dry.


S: 20-35cm/7.8-13.7 inches

M: 39-55cm/15.3-21.6 inches

L: 45-65cm/17.7-25.6 inches

XL: 50-75cm/19.6-29.5 inches

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