Valentines Dog Bandana


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Introducing the valentines dog bandana, a stylish and practical accessory for your beloved Shiba Inu. Made from soft, pure cotton, this triangular bib is designed to keep your furry friend comfortable and clean while adding a touch of elegance to their appearance.

Featuring a laser-cut butterfly pattern and a heart-shaped design, this bandana is perfect for Valentine’s Day or any occasion where you want to show your love for your pet. The adjustable strap ensures a secure fit, making it suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Not only does the valentines dog bandana serve as a fashionable accessory, but it also functions as a practical solution for drooling and shedding. The absorbent material helps to catch excess saliva and loose hair, keeping your pet and your home clean and tidy.

Upgrade your pet’s style with the valentines dog bandana, a must-have accessory for any fashion-forward dog owner. Order now and let your Shiba Inu showcase their unique personality in the most adorable way possible!


For neck:

S: 14-24cm/5.5-9.4 inches

M: 24-34cm/9.4-13.3 inches

L: 34-44cm/13.3-17.3 inches

XL: 40-65cm/15.7-25.5 inches

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